Inspiration – Design – Commercialization

Leadership Solutions

David grasps all facets of leadership.  He started leading small technical teams and climbed to VP of Global R&D for a large technology company.  Now he runs a profitable small business he founded.  He provides market and leadership consulting.

MEMS Microphone

Product Launch

Providing innovative product R&D from concept to high volume commercialization.  We optimize cost, performance, quality and time to market.  Our core expertise is electromechanical products, wireless, sensors, controls and MEMS.

Materials and Process

We are expert in numerous materials to withstand extremely harsh applications.   This is complimented by our knowledge in process development and optimization over years of experience.  Quality is always fore-front from concept – certification.

Analysis and Evaluation

Advanced analysis and evaluation of designs, processes and performance to accelerate business growth at healthy profits.  Providing large data synthesis and interpretation to provide solid conclusions.  This includes business and technical.

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