Leadership and Management Solutions

  • Leadership coaching – Personal transformation through discovering identity, leveraging strengths to drive execution and improve performance, increase influence and create sustainable, positive habits
  • Leadership evaluation, selection and management structuring
  • Identification and amicable resolution of managers and employees that generate contagious negative energy hindering company growth
  • Company and R&D vision development
  • Product road-maps
  • Due diligence of mergers and acquisitions
  • Creation and negotiation of business contracts
  • Customer development and communications
  • Market analysis and strategy development
  • Development of global engineering teams and productivity improvements
  • Development and management of R&D budgets and product business plans
  • Intellectual property creation, patent analysis, competitive landscape
  • Development and implementation of new product initiative programs, standards and core building blocks to reduce time to market and achieve ultra high reliability
  • Lean manufacturing practices
  • Cross collaboration and concurrent design between business functions
  • Continuous quality improvement, metric evaluation / selection and plan implementation
  • ISO\TS and FDA certification preparation
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Cleanroom, facilities and equipment planning and management

Design and Process Engineering Solutions

  • Innovative product design from initial concept to production Launch
  • AWS and GCP cloud computing, IoT, informatics, Python, React JS, SQL, databases, Tableau, QuickSight, MATLAB / Simulink, AI / machine learning, C, object oriented programming
  • Agile and Scrumban methodologies to develop full stack applications for HIPAA compliant patient data analytics and NLP chatbot to drive decisions to improve the quality of healthcare
  • Wireless communication and sensor fusion integration
  • Sensor, electromechanical, metal, fiberglass, ceramic and plastic molded products
  • Smart home residential design (full 3D model, walk through and construction drawings / specifications) including additions and new construction, variances and permits (MD, NJ, NY and PA)
  • Structural Insulated Panel design and installation for residential structures
  • Home sensing solutions, inspections and methods for improved energy efficiency and comfort
  • Design of strength and conditioning facilities
  • MEMS design, prototype and system integration
  • Foundry selection and transfer
  • Product cost improvement solutions
  • Hermetic design and environmental sealing
  • High temperature electronics packaging
  • Material selection
  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Design verification through various analytical techniques, FMEA, tolerance stacks, 3D modeling and finite element analysis
  • Failure analysis and reverse engineering reports including FESEM
  • Nondestructive 3D computed tomography X-ray
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Measurement system analysis and metrology
  • Design and process validation including design of experiments
  • Process development and optimization including flip chip and other semiconductor package assembly, wirebonding, soldering, conductive epoxy, conductive silicones, polymer dispensing, molding, plating, welding, lamination and micromachining
  • YIeld and cycle time improvements

Microfabrication and Packaging Capabilites

  • Through partnership with several foundries and The Richard Desich SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems

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