David Head Shot 300I am David DiPaola. I’m a consultant and managing director for DiPaola Consulting. Our mission is to create lasting impact through leadership solutions and innovation in research and development. We help people who want to generate value in technology and business leadership.

I started as an mechanical engineer with Texas Instruments designing sensors products and optimizing manufacturing processes.  After much success I was elected to the technical staff and launched several new products in the millions of units.  I then moved into managing small technical teams and developed a passion for leadership.  After 15 years at TI and Sensata Technologies (a spin off of TI), I started DiPaola Consulting.  DiPaola Consulting quickly grew into a profitable entity and within a few years one of my largest customers, TT Electronics (> $750 Million in NR/year), asked me to join their company as VP of Global R&D (330+ staff in US, Europe, UK and Asia and a budget of > $25 million).  I seized the opportunity because it was a great team and I connected with the vision knowing I could add significant value.  Within the first year, we made dramatic change in R&D to drive future growth.  After the new CEO took over, the company went in a new direction and I decided to return to my passion of building my business as entrepreneur.

DiPaola Consulting merges the fields of technology and leadership.  Staying true my our roots, we continue to provide innovative research and development focused on electromechanical products including sensors, controls, MEMS and semiconductor products for various industries. However, at times we venture beyond that due to our core understanding of materials, design and process fundamentals.  What sets us apart is our creativity, passion for engineering and attention to detail. This enables the generation of ultra reliable and high performance products that regularly go into extremely harsh and safety critical applications at low cost.

Furthermore, DiPaola Consulting leverages years of leadership experience to help companies sustainability grow net revenue at healthy margins.  As a natural visionary, I help businesses develop short and long range plans balancing the tug-of-war between investor expectations and R&D funding for new products. In addition, I work to bring the best out of teams, develop product road maps and evaluate M&A targets for technology robustness, integration challenges and long term success. To learn more ways we can help in leadership, see our services page. The cornerstone of our work is our integrity and excellent relationships with our customers and partners.

Treating people right is our highest priority. If these topics resonate with you, please contact us.  Thank you for visiting and I welcome the opportunity to work with you in the future. For more information, please visit LinkedIn.


David DiPaola


“Dave DiPaola has a remarkably wide variety of talents which allows him to pursue a fundamental approach to solving many complex problems. This also allows him to throw a fresh light on problems and challenge unwarranted assumptions. Dave is both a very pleasant person and a very driven guy; this creates a loyalty in many of the team members who are working with him to solve problems. I always enjoyed working with Dave and he was able to leverage our combined talents into rapid technical success.” … Al Hopkins, Distinguished Member Technical Staff and Engineering Manager, Sensata Technologies, Inc.

“I have to tell you, I am really impressed with your design skills and your knowledge of the entire design process and the solid modeling is just excellent.” … Peter Berg, Distinguished Member Technical Staff Emeritus and Design Engineering Manager, Sensata Technologies, Inc. retired

“David DiPaola is a rare find. He has the skills and experience base of a larger company with the personal attention and immediate response of a small firm. Having worked on large projects in the past within a big organization, he knows how to bring a device from its idea form to reality. His company is available to do this for you right now with top notch service and flexibility. You will get much more than your money’s worth. For the customer, it’s a no lose situation!” … D.A. MD, OB/GYN

“I’ve known David for a number of years and have always been impressed with his project management and design skill-sets. All of the programs that I worked with him on were successful from the initial design concept to production launch.” … Mike McKeown, Sr. Business Development Manager at Hesse Mechatronics

“It’s enjoyable to work, as a foundry provider, with David who has broad knowledge from design to packaging. He makes the communication easier, and brings up creative ideas/solutions to potential obstacles. Very efficient and experienced especially on developing new projects.” … Edward Chiu, Director of Operations, LuxVue Taiwan

“I worked with David during my time at Sensata Technologies/Texas Instruments. David is very knowledgeable in MEMS technology and led several projects at Sensata developing some very innovative products. David is also excellent at managing resources and projects and brings many years of expertise on how to launch projects and how to execute on them.” … Richard Yazbeck, R&D Manager at Access Closure


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