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DiPaola Consulting provides leadership solutions, product design, data analytics, computer programming / IoT / AI / machine learning, and commercialization services for entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations to drive topline, hypergrowth in new markets for healthcare, transportation, industrial, consumer electronics and defense.

MEMS Microphone

Product Design

Providing innovative product design and commercialization from concept to high volume.  We optimize cost, performance, quality and time to market.  Our core expertise is electromechanical products, sensor fusion, wireless sensors and MEMS. Some examples include health wearables, MEMS in sports, and packaging.

Data Analytics

Advanced analytics, 3D modeling, AI / machine learning, IoT, FEA, large data sets, and design of experiments are just some of the tools we use to curate information, understand system health, draw accurate conclusions, and take meaningful action.  We build and verify scientific models to better understand physical challenges.


We are expert in safety critical and extremely harsh applications.   This is complimented by vast knowledge design for manufacturing and process optimization from years of experience. Quality is a top priority with failure rates in the PPM levels. We use proven methods in problem solving, product capability and validation.

Leadership Solutions

The key aspects of leadership are vision, sound decision making, developing trust and influencing people.  Let’s consider this in the context of a startup for a new, innovative product.  It starts with a creative idea and is refined with customer discovery to better understand their frequent pain points to maximize product market fit.  A product road map and business plan are developed to guide you in the process from a minimal viable product to commercialization at scale.

All along the way, countless decisions are made, and teams are built, aligned and influenced to fulfill the vision.  Proper communication and meeting deliverables is key to developing trust in this new development process.  Furthermore, intellectual property is developed, quality plans are executed (including FDA approval), and mergers and acquisitions are evaluated with technical and busines due diligence.  We help our customers with each aspect of this business leadership.  To learn more, view our leadership services and the blog.

Customer Spotlight – Sensors in Healthcare Case Study

As a consultant, my work is normally kept top secret.  However, this particular case study has been published by the USPTO and hence can be exhibited.  Working with Dr. Lanny Johnson, MD, Dr. Gerald Williams, MD and Dr. James Andrews, MD, we developed an innovative wearable, healthcare sensor and a novel method to dynamically diagnose shoulder injury without the use of an expensive and time consuming MRI technique.  This is of particular interest because a trained physician cannot detect this injury by physical exam alone.

The benefit is that patients can be screened for injury, separating those needing physical therapy and those needing more advance treatment, greatly reducing the number of patients requiring MRI.  This simple test using wireless, MEMS inertial sensors can be easily performed during a routine office exam or from a remote location.  To learn more, about the sensor fusion and data analytics used, you can view the patent application.

Lanny Johnson, MD

David demonstrated the ability to listen to orthopedic surgeons with an idea and advise how to make their vision a reality. David led them by his knowledge to a practical and clinically useful medical diagnostic instrument. Most amazingly he was able, by his special scientific knowledge, to create value such that the prototype was sufficient for patent application.

In addition, the first analytic instrument has been expanded to other musculoskeletal conditions, leading us to early diagnosis of Tommy John injuries in profession baseball pitchers … David is pleasant to work with and is a “real dollar value” on what he will produce for you.

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