• New product design from initial concept to production
  • Sensor, electromechanical, metal, fiberglass, ceramic and plastic molded products
  • MEMS design, prototype and system integration
  • Hermetic design and environmental sealing
  • High temperature electronics packaging
  • Material selection
  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Design verification through various analytical techniques, FMEA, tolerance stacks, 3D modeling and finite element analysis
  • Failure analysis and reverse engineering reports including FESEM
  • Nondestructive 3D computed tomography X-ray
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Measurement system analysis and metrology
  • Design and process validation including design of experiments
  • Process development and optimization including flip chip and other semiconductor package assembly, wirebonding, soldering, conductive epoxy, conductive silicones, polymer dispensing, molding, plating, welding, lamination and micromachining  
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Quality metric evaluation and implementation
  • Continuous improvement
  • ISO\TS and FDA certification preparation
  • Competitive analysis  
  • Customer communications
  • Employee development and leadership coaching
  • Developing product growth strategies
  • Intellectual property creation
  • Patent analysis, development and drawings
  • Developing product business plans for third party funding
  • Strategic marketing studies
  • Facilities and equipment planning
  • Technical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

Microfabrication Capabilites (up to 150 mm)

  • Wafer procurement including SOI
  • Nanostrip and RCA clean
  • Wafer bonding
  • Thermal silicon dioxide (wet or dry)
  • Low pressure chemical vapor deposition (silicon nitride, polysilicon and low temperature oxidation)
  • Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and polysilicon)
  • Mask design and external fabrication
  • Contact lithography (front to back alignment), stepper lithography (< 0.5 micron resolution) and electron beam lithography
  • Ion implantation and diffusion (subcontract)
  • KOH wet etch
  • Plasma etch, reactive ion etch (RIE) and deep silicon etch (DRIE) per the Bosch process
  • Electron beam evaporation and sputtered thin film deposition
  • Back end processes including critical point drying, wafer dicing, wirebonding (gold and aluminum), die attach, solder and epoxy interconnects, underfill, encapsulation and external packaging
  • Parylene deposition
  • Laser drilling
  • Optical microscopes (including x, y and z measurements), ellipsometry and profilometry (up to 1 mm)

Sensata Pressure Sensor
See Patent No. 6,763,724 for All Inventors
Photo by DiPaola Consulting
Displayed with Agreement from Sensata

David Processing Wafers in the Fab

Field Emission SEM

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